Fishery Notice

FN0537-RECREATIONAL - Salmon: Chinook - Region 5A - 2016 Zone 1 Management Actions

Further to FN0523, the Department will be managing fisheries based on 
management zone 1 (i.e. returns to the Fraser below or equal to 45,000 chinook) 
for Fraser Spring 5-2 and Summer 5-2 chinook.  

Accordingly, there is no fishing for salmon permitted in Region 5A until 
further notice.

Fisheries targeting sockeye salmon may be announced in-season (mid-August to 

VO No. 2016-278


Did you witness suspicious fishing activity or a violation?  If so, please call 
the Fisheries and Ocean Canada 24-hour toll free Observe, Record, Report line 
at (800) 465-4336.

For the 24 hour recorded opening and closure line, call toll free at 
1-(866) 431-FISH (3474).

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Linda Stevens, DFO Williams Lake Tel: (250) 305-4004

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0537
Sent June 17, 2016 at 1149