Commercial Licence Reports by Fishery

Commercial Licence Reports by Fishery

The Licence and Area Count reports provide details about commercial licences that have been issued in the Pacific Region for the current season. The data is presented for information uses only, and should not be used for commercial purposes.

These reports were last updated on Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Choose a Fishery from the list and click the Display Licence Report button to view or download this on-line report.

  2. This on-line report displays a count of the current licences associated with each area of a selected Fishery. Select a Fishery to view the Area Counts.


On the List of Current Licences Report, for Vessel-Based Licences such as Halibut (L), the vessel that holds the licence eligibility and the name of the reported contact owner is displayed.  For Party-Based Licences such as Rockfish (ZN), the name of the party that holds the eligibility plus the name of the designated vessel, or the designated party as is appropriate, are displayed.   Both the Salmon and Roe Herring fisheries are divided by gear type to make the data more manageable.

Persons requiring additional information are invited to contact one of the Licensing Offices..