Fishery Notice

COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net
FN0761-COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net - Sockeye - Area E - Area 29 - Fraser River - Potential Opening Notification

The Area E Gill Net fleet should be advised that there is potential for an 
opening for Fraser sockeye in Area 29 on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 from 06:00 
hours to 22:00 hours. 

The next update on the progress of Fraser River sockeye runs and a final 
decision on the fishing opportunity will be made on short notice on Tuesday, 
August 14, 2018 following the Fraser River Panel meeting. 

Recorded updates for fisheries notices are available at (604)666-2828 or 


Barbara Mueller, Resource Manager (Fraser River), Delta 

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0761
Sent August 10, 2018 at 1428