Fishery Notice

FN0963-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Chinook - Region 1 - Qualicum River - Angling Opportunities - Effective Immediately

Effective immediately until 23:59 hours December 31, 2019, the daily limit for 
Chinook Salmon is four (4) per day, of which only two (2) may be over 62 cm, in 
the following areas:

Qualicum River - upstream of the Big Qualicum Hatchery, those waters between 
the pool above the upper weir (located approx. 75m downstream of the E&N 
bridge) to the Horne Lake Dam.

Anglers are reminded that fishing is only permitted in this area using a single 
barbless hook with a 15 mm (or less) hook to shank measurement.  

Variation Order: 2019-RFQ-516

Anglers are further reminded that intentionally (willfully) foul-hooking fish 
or attempting to foul hook fish is illegal and that non-compliance may result 
in closure. (Foul hook is defined as; hooking a fish in any part of its body 
other than the mouth).

Did you witness suspicious fishing activity or a violation?  If so, please call 
the Fisheries and Ocean Canada 24-hour toll free Observe, Record, Report line 
at 1-800-465-4336.

For the 24 hour recorded opening and closure line, call toll free at 
1-866-431-FISH (3474).

Contact the nearest Fisheries and Oceans Canada office or visit our website at 

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0963
Sent September 20, 2019 at 0951