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FN0680-COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net - Test Fishery - Skeena Sockeye Update - July 19, 2019

Area 4

The Tyee test fishery is the main in-season stock assessment tool for 
estimating the relative abundance of Skeena River salmon. Daily in-season 
escapements and total run size are estimated for sockeye only. Salmon returns 
are variable and estimates are also subject to error as the annual catchability 
of salmon by the Tyee test fishery net varies.

A total of 88,000 sockeye are estimated to have passed the Tyee test fishery by 
July 18. On average, 33% of the aggregate Skeena sockeye return passes the Tyee 
test fishery by July 18. The Skeena sockeye aggregate in-season return to 
Canada forecast is from 163,000 (one week early) to 515,000 (one week late) 
with a point estimate of 264,000. 

The current minimum escapement goal of 400,000 is based on the lowest observed 
escapement from which Skeena Sockeye recovered after a landslide in 1950 that 
blocked fish passage into Babine River. 

Based on current assessments the aggregate return is forecast to be below this 
minimum escapement goal; subsequently, there is no surplus of sockeye available 
for a directed harvest.

The next update will be Thursday July 25, 2019.


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Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0680
Sent July 19, 2019 at 1609