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FN0507-2019 Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Measures Under the Canada Shipping Act (Interim Order); Which Includes Vessel Management Measures and Interim Sanctuary Zones - Effective June 1, 2019

This notice outlines new recovery measures for Southern Resident killer whale, 
including the recent Interim Order issued under the Canada Shipping Act and 
corresponding fishery closures. 

The Government of Canada recognizes that Southern Resident killer whales face 
imminent threats to their survival and recovery, and has implemented additional 
measures to save these endangered marine mammals. 

On May 10, 2019, the Government announced a suite of new measures to be 
implemented this summer that help address the key threats of lack of prey, and 
acoustic and physical disturbance. Additional information on these measures can 
be found at:

Further to that announcement, on May 27, 2019, the Government of Canada issued 
an Interim Order under the Canada Shipping Act, effective on June 1, 2019, to 
help protect whales from vessel disturbance.

Under this Interim Order, as of June 1, 2019:
All vessels are prohibited from approaching any killer whale within a 400-metre 
distance. This prohibition applies throughout the Southern Resident killer 
whale critical habitat. 

Vessels are prohibited from entering areas newly designated as Interim 
Sanctuary Zones. Some exemptions are provided for emergency response vessels 
and vessels/Indigenous persons engaged in certain activities. These zones are 
located at Swiftsure Bank, off the east coast of Saturna Island, and the south-
west coast of North Pender Island, as follows: 

1.Saturna Island
Those portions of Subareas 18-5 and 18-11 off Saturna Island inside a line 
commencing on the shoreline of Saturna Island at 48°47.033'N and 123°03.550'W 
[NorthBoundary of East Point(shoreline)] northeasterly to a point in water at 
48°47.300'N and 123°03.000'W [Tumbo Channel], thence northeasterly to a point 
in water at 48°47.666'N and 123°02.416'W [Northwest Corner(Boiling Reef)], 
thence southeasterly to a point in water at 48°47.550'N and 123°02.000'W 
[Northeast Corner(Boiling Reef)], thence southwesterly to a point in water at 
48°46.933'N and 123°02.666'W [Boundary Pass], thence southwesterly to a point 
in water at 48°46.600'N and 123°03.166'W [Narvaez Bay Boundary Following the 
Traffic Separation Scheme(TSS)], thence southwesterly to a point in water at 48°
46.450'N and 123°03.650'W [Narvaez Bay Boundary Following the TSS], thence 
southwesterly to a point in water at 48°46.300'N and 123°04.200'W [Southeast 
Corner (Narvaez Bay)], thence northwesterly to a point in water at 48°46.416'N 
and 123°04.533'W [Southwest Corner (Narvaez Bay)], thence northeasterly to a 
point along the shoreline of Saturna Island at 48°46.766'N and 123°03.916'W 
[South Boundary of East Point(shoreline)], and thence following the eastern 
shoreline back to the point of commencement. [Saturna Island Interim Sanctuary 

2.Swiftsure Bank
Those portions of Subareas 121-1 and 121-2 inside a line commencing at a point 
in water located at 48°34.000'N and 125°06.000'W [Northwest Boundary] due east 
to a point in water located at 48°34.000'N and 124°54.200'W [Northeast 
Boundary], thence southeasterly to a point in water at 48°32.100'N and 124°
49.518'W [Southeast Boundary], thence due west to point in water located at 48°
32.100'N and 125°01.843'W [Southwest Boundary], and thence northwesterly back 
to the point of commencement. [Swifture Bank Interim Sanctuary Zone]

3.Pender Island
That portion of Subarea 18-4 west of Pender Island inside a line commencing at 
a point in water at 48°44.166'N and 123°13.900'W [Southeast Boundary (Wallace 
Point)] due east to a point in water located at 48°44.166'N and 123°15.550'W 
[Southwest Boundary (Swanson Channel)], thence northwesterly to a point in 
water at 48°46.050'N and 123°19.516'W [Northwest Boundary (Swanson Channel)], 
thence due east to point in water at 48°46.050'N 123°18.383'W [Northeast 
Boundary(South of Thieves)]

DFO has implemented fishing closures in the above areas to correspond with 
vessel prohibitions under the Canada Shipping Act. These closures apply to: 

All salmon by gill net, purse seine net and hook and line; 

All pelagics by gill net, purse seine net and hook and line including: tuna, 
herring, sardine;

All invertebrates  by diving, gill net, hand picking, hook and line, seine, 
trap and trawl net including: geoduck and horse clams, red sea urchin, green 
sea urchin, sea cucumber, euphausiid, intertidal clam, razor clam, shrimp, 
prawn, Pacific oyster, crab, scallop, octopus; 

All groundfish by trap, mid-water trawl, bottom trawl, hook and line gear and 
jigging including: sablefish, halibut, rockfish, lingcod, dogfish, skate, sole, 
turbot, hake, cod and pollock.

The above closures do not apply to individuals or vessels being used to fish 
for food, social or ceremonial purposes, or for domestic purposes pursuant to a 
treaty, under a licence issued under the Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licence 

The Interim Order and corresponding fishery closures will be in place until 
October 31, 2019.

Variation Orders: 2019-RCT-296 and 2019-RCT-297

Given the imminent threats whales are facing, the Government is also asking 
vessel operators to respect the following voluntary measures:

Respect a "Go Slow" zone around whales by reducing speed to less than 7 knots 
when within 1,000 metres of a whale in the Enhanced Management Areas that have 
been identified through the Gulf Islands, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the 
Mouth of the Fraser River; and

Reduce noise by turning echo sounders off when not in use and turning engines 
to neutral idle when within 400 metres of a whale.

As per the announcement on May 10, 2019, additional fisheries management 
measures will be coming into force on August 1, 2019, that will apply to 
commercial and recreational salmon fishing activities in certain sub-areas. A 
separate Variation Order and Fishery Notice will be provided in advance of this 
date. For additional information please visit the following link:


Corey Jackson, Regional Manager, Marine Mammal Unit, Fisheries and Oceans 
Canada or 604-666-3610

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0507
Sent June 5, 2019 at 1556