Fishery Notice

COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Troll
FN1125-COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Troll - Chum - Area H - Area 29 - Fraser River - Opening

Troll will open from 00:01 hours October 25, 2017 to 23:59 hours November 3, 
2017 in Sub-areas 29-3, that portion of 29-4 north of the 49th parallel and 29-

An update for further fishing opportunities for Area H Troll in Area 29 will be 
provided on November 2, 2017.  

Recorded updates for Area H fleet are available at (604) 666-2828.  

Variation Order No. 2017-STN-TR-001  


Barbless hooks and operating revival tanks are requirements in this fishery.

The target species in this fishery is chum salmon. There will be non-retention 
of pink, sockeye, coho, chinook, steelhead, and sturgeon in effect.

Vessel masters must phone AMR at 1-888-387-0007 and provide start and end 
fishing reports.  These reports will be used to monitor fishing activity. 
Vessels will be monitored on the grounds to ensure that start fishing reports 
have been filed prior to commencement of fishing. 

At the end of each fishing day prior to 08:00 hours of the next day, the vessel 
master must, as a condition of licence, record their catch information in their 
Salmon Log Book and report their catch by calling AMR at 1-888-387-0007. 

Fishers are encouraged to register their FIN and logbook number by calling 1-
877-280-3474 to facilitate the daily reporting process.  Vessel masters using E-
logs must digitally transmit this information using a properly encoded 
electronic mail message.

Fishing will not be permitted in the areas closed for rockfish conservation. 
These closures are listed on the DFO website at: 
or can be accessed at DFO district offices.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is monitoring seabird by-catch to 
determine potential impact on bird populations under current fishing effort and 
bird numbers.  Fishers are requested to submit all dead birds entangled in nets 
to ECCC for species confirmation and DNA analysis to determine the colony of 

Please call your local DFO office, or contact ECCC directly by calling the Wild 
Bird Mortality Reporting Line 1-866-431-2473 (BIRD).  Handle birds with gloves, 
double bag dead birds.  Label bag with date, time, location, fishery opening 
and vessel name (skipper name is not needed).  Alternatively, please send 
photographs of birds with a reference object such as a coin, and the date, 
time, location, fishery opening and vessel name to  
Questions: contact Laurie Wilson (, 604-862-8817).

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is interested in reports of sea turtles in BC 
waters.  By documenting sightings we are able to learn more about how, when, 
and where these turtles are using our waters.  If you see a sea turtle, please 
call this toll-free phone number: 1-866-I SAW ONE (1-866-472-9663).   Please 
include information such as the type of sea turtle seen (i.e. leatherback), the 
location, and time of sighting. 
Fishers should be advised that whales can be encountered in the fishing area.  
Fishers should take precautionary measures to avoid fishing near whales to 
avoid potential contact with fishing gear.  If a whale becomes entangled in 
fishing gear, fishers should immediately call the Observe, Record, Report (ORR) 
line at 1-800-465-4336.  Fishers are advised not to attempt to free the whale 
of the fishing gear as this can pose a serious threat to the safety of the 
fisher and the animal. 

Fishers are advised to notify local DFO managers or patrol vessels to report 
abandoned, lost, or entangled gear.


Barbara Mueller, Resource Manager (Fraser River), Delta (604)666-2370

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1125
Sent October 24, 2017 at 1156