Fishery Notice

COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Geoduck and Horseclam
FN1388-COMMERCIAL - Geoduck and Horse Clam - North Coast - Closing - Portions of Area 7 and 8

Closing 23:59 Hours December 29, 2016 in the following Geoduck Management Areas 
(GMAs).  An asterisk indicates a change in area description since the last 

CCA06a Latta Island
CCA06b* Hunter Channel (Subarea 7-18 and 7-25 portions only)
CCA07a McNaughton Group North
CCA07b McNaughton Group - Kinsmen
CCA07c McNaughton Group South
Variation Order No. 2016-591 revoked

CCC03 Choked Passage
CCC04 South Hakai Passage
Variation Order No. 2016-592 revoked

CCA05 Prince Group
Variation Order No. 2016-588 revoked

Note: See Fishery Notice No. FN1387 Bivalve Shellfish Marine Biotoxin Update, 
as recommended by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and issued by DFO.  
Bivalve Shellfish Marine Biotoxin Updates can change at any time please confirm 
the required Pacific Fisheries Management Subarea is open prior to fishing.

The north coast fishery continues in the following GMAs:

CCD01a Rennison Island
CCD01b West Laredo Channel (north of Baker Point)
CCD01c West Laredo Channel (south of Baker Point)
CCD02 East Laredo Channel
Variation order No. 2016-556

South Coast areas are identified on separate Fishery Notices.

See the 2016/17 Geoduck and Horse Clam Integrated Fisheries Management Plan 
(IFMP) for a more detailed description of the Fishing Protocol.

The On-Grounds Monitor and/or Archipelago Marine Research will direct the fleet 
through geoduck beds and GMAs.

Horse clams are permitted as an incidental catch only except where a quota has 
been established.  

Pauline Ridings (250) 756-7118

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1388
Sent December 29, 2016 at 1456