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FN1372-Licensing - 2017 Crab and Communal Crab by Trap Licence Renewal

Crab (R) and Communal Commercial Crab (FR) licence issuance for the 2017 
fishing season has now commenced. The 2017 crab licence renewal fees are now 
available through the National Online Licensing System (NOLS) at

All Commercial Crab by Trap licenses must be renewed, and the renewal fee paid, 
every year to retain the privilege to be issued the licence in the future; 
whether fishing takes place or not. 

Effective as of the 2017 fishing season, the crab licence expiry date has now 
been changed to March 31st, rather than the previous expiry date of December 

All crab vessel owners must renew the 2017 Crab licence by March 31, 2018. If 
the licence is not renewed by March 31, 2018, the licence will cease.

Communal Commercial Crab by Trap licence eligibility holders are reminded that 
they must designate a eligible vessel annually. Communal commercial crab 
licence eligibility holders may submit the required information via the 'Submit 
a Request' menu selection within the National Online Licensing System (NOLS). 
Full instructions are available at:

A reminder that all licence renewal fee payments must be made through the 

For communal commercial licences, even though the fees are $0.00, clients are 
required to add a checkmark beside the licence(s) to renew, and 
click "Checkout" through NOLS.    

To avoid delays, please ensure the payment, option selection and designated 
vessel information is submitted to DFO at the same time.  

Upon the Department receiving the required payment, applicable documentation 
and information, the licence will be issued and notification will be sent via 
email to advise vessel owners/licence holders that a change has been made to 
the vessel owners/licence holders online account.  The licence documents, 
licence conditions and receipt will be available to be printed at that time.  
Please ensure that you have obtained clearance for your 2016 logbooks prior to 
licence issuance.  You may contact the Shellfish Data Unit at 250-756-7306 or 

Prior to the vessel being engaged in commercial fishing, the crab licence and 
conditions of licence must be on board the vessel and must available to be 
produced on demand.  

Client support will be available via e-mail ( or 
toll-free telephone (1-877-535-7307).  

For transactions that are not yet available in the National Online Licensing 
System (e.g. Vessel replacements and nominations), licensing services will 
continue to be available either through telephone (1-877-535-7307), e-mail 
(, or fax (604-666-5855). Please be sure to visit 
the Pacific Region Licensing website and subscribe to fishery notices for 
updates on the National Online Licensing System and licensing services:

For further NOLS information:

Please visit the Pacific Region Licensing website and subscribe to fishery 
notices for updates on the National Online Licensing System and licensing 

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1372
Sent December 21, 2016 at 1350