Fishery Notice

COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Shrimp Trawl
FN1369-COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Shrimp Trawl - North Coast - Area 9IN - Closing December 31, 2016

Fishers are reminded Shrimp Management Area 9IN (Pacific Fishery Management 
Areas 9-1 to 9-12) closes December 31, 2016.  SMA 9IN may re-open upon request 
from a vessel master subject to the vessel master securing arrangements for a 
certified shrimp fishery observer for the first fishing trip to this area.  It 
will be the responsibility of the vessel master to secure arrangements for 
observer coverage before the area is opened.  Please contact the North Coast 
Fisheries Manager to request an opening.

The shrimp trawl fishery continues 00:01 hours Jan 1, 2017 for all species of 
shrimp, excluding the possession of prawns, by shrimp beam trawl and otter 
trawl gear in the following areas:

1. Subareas 1-1 to 1-3, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7 and 101 except for the Naden and McIntyre 
Bay crab softshell closure and the Frederick Island Rockfish Conservation Area 
(RCA) Closure;
2. Area 102 and 142 except for the Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area;
3. Subareas 3-1 to 3-18;
4. Subareas 4-1 to 4-15 except for the Dunira RCA Closure, Stephens island, 
Porcher Peninsula, Hodgson Reef, and Gull Rocks RCA Closures;
5. Subareas 5-1 to 5-24 except for the Porcher Peninsula, Goschen, West Banks 
Island, North Danger Rocks RCA Closures and Glass Sponge Reef Closures;
6. Subareas 6-1 to 6-28 except for the Kitasu Bay, Otter Passage, West 
Aristazabal Island RCA Closures and Glass Sponge Reef Closures;
7. Subareas 7-2 to 7-24, 7-27 to 7-30 and 7-32 except for the McMullin Group 
and Goose Island RCA Closures;
8. Subareas 8-2 to 8-16;
9. Subareas 10-3 to 10-12 except for the Smith Sound RCA Closure; and,
10. Areas 103 to 106 and 130.

Areas and Subareas are described in the Pacific Fishery Management Area 
Regulations. This action is consistent with the 2016/17 Shrimp Trawl Integrated 
Fisheries Management Plan.

Variation Order 2016-293 is revoked and Variation Order 2017-3 is in effect. 


This notice applies to the Shrimp Trawl fishery in Areas 1 to 10 and offshore 
Areas 101 to 111, 130 and 142 inclusive.

Refer to the South Coast fishery notices for Areas 11 to 29 and offshore Areas 
121 and 123 to 127 inclusive.

In order to participate in these openings, a letter from the service provider 
is required indicating that arrangements for fishery monitoring services 
(management fees paid) has been made and your "S" licence renewed for 2016/17. 
Fish harvesters/Licence Holders/vessel owners will use the online system 
( to view, pay for and print their 
commercial fishing licences, licence conditions and/or receipts. 

Prior to annual application for either a category S or FS Shrimp by Trawl 
licence, please ensure:
a) Any Ministerial conditions placed on the licence eligibility are met.
b) Any conditions of the previous year's licence such as submission and 
approval of Shrimp Trawl Harvest Logbooks to February 28 and Hail Reports to 
March 31 (all landings reported) have been met.

To confirm logbook approval status, please contact the Shellfish Data Unit at 
250-756-7022 or 250-756-7306.

To make arrangements for hails, fishery monitoring and at-sea observer services 
call the Pacific Coast Shrimpers Cooperative Association at 250-658-0179 Steven 
Groves at (250)627-3455.

**NEW** The use of a by-catch reduction rigid grate with maximum spacing 31.75 
mm (1.25 inches), down from 44.5 mm (1.75 inches) in 2015, between bars is 
required by all vessels. 

**NEW** When fishing in offshore areas, the Shrimp Industry Caucus recommends a 
maximum spacing of 1 inch.  

The mandatory by-catch reduction large mesh will be continued for all Otter 
trawl nets to reduce eulachon and other by-catch: the top (hood or upper belly) 
of an otter trawl net shall be comprised of a minimum 4.4 square meter (48 
square foot) panel of plastic lattice with minimum 4 cm square openings, such 
as is found in snow fencing, or large mesh netting hung on the square.

Fish slips (sale slips) are required for all fish and shellfish caught and must 
be submitted within seven days of offloading.

Prior to commencing fishing and at least 24 hours prior to leaving port, the 
vessel master shall obtain a Fishing Hail Number by contacting the service 
provider at 1-866-377-1400 (08:00 to 17:00 hours, Monday to Friday only). 
Earlier arrangements to pick up at-sea observers before leaving port may be 

Hails can be made into one Shrimp Management Area only. Other required reports 
(such as to obtain a landing hail number prior to landing) can be made to 1-866-
377-1200, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Vessels fishing in an area open to prawn retention are restricted to an 
incidental, legal size, possession limit of 100 individual prawns (Pandalus 
platyceros) whole in the shell. When areas open to prawn retention, all prawns 
with eggs shall be released immediately and unharmed to the waters from which 
they were caught.

Rockfish Conservation Area (RCA) closures to fishing with shrimp trawl nets are 
in place coast-wide. Fish harvesters are advised to familiarize themselves with 
these closures, contact the local DFO office or the DFO web site for more 

Sponge Reef closures in Areas 105, 106 and 107 are in effect. 
Coordinates and maps for these closures are available in Appendix 8 of the IFMP.

Refer to 2016/17 Shrimp by Trawl Integrated Fishery Management Plan for further 
details and management changes for this season or for further information 

Steven Groves 250-627-3455
Shrimp Information Line: 1-888-978-7888  

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1369
Sent December 20, 2016 at 1315