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FN0944-Salmon - Fraser River Salmon Update - Areas 11 to 29 - September 1, 2016

As a result of the smallest return of Fraser sockeye on record, the level of 
harvest already incurred and the uncertainty about the survival rate of sockeye 
that have been exposed to harmful environmental conditions within the Fraser 
River, there will be no food social and ceremonial or recreational fisheries 
directed on sockeye or any other salmon species which would result in sockeye 
mortalities in the immediate future.

Opportunities for selective chinook directed food, social and ceremonial 
fisheries are being considered for the September 17th time period which is 
generally when Fraser sockeye have cleared the lower Fraser on this cycle. 
Recreational opportunities for chinook directed fisheries are also being 
considered beginning September 19th in the lower Fraser River. Earlier opening 
dates may be considered if the Whonnock test fishery sockeye catches drop to 
zero over three consecutive days and the Albion chum test fishery net also has 
no sockeye catch over 2 consecutive chum fishing days during the same time 
period indicating that sockeye migration has cleared the lower Fraser. (Note 
that the Albion chum net is fished on only on odd-numbered days in September).

Catch data for the Whonnock and Albion test fisheries can be found at the 
following websites: 

Albion chum test fishery

PSC Test Fishing Summaries (click on the link for Whonnock)

For clarity, any fisheries occurring in this time period will be subject to 
selective fishing provisions normally implemented during the coho window 
closure.  Gill net fisheries will not be permitted during the coho window 


Jennifer Nener 604-666-0789

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0944
Sent September 2, 2016 at 1054