Fishery Notice

FN0865-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Region 1 - Chinook & Coho - Non-tidal Stamp & Somass Rivers August 25th, 2016 Opening

Effective 00:01 hours Thursday August 25th, 2016 the Somass and Stamp Rivers 
will open to recreational angling for chinook and coho salmon.

The daily limit will be 4 salmon per day of which: 
"  Two (2) may be chinook of which only one (1) may be greater than 77 cm. in 
length, and
"  Two (2) may be coho, marked or unmarked.

In order to protect pre-spawning salmon in the Stamp River and the non tidal 
portions of the Somass River the following angling closures are in effect: 

"  Somass River August 25th to November 15th from the tidal boundary at 
Papermill Dam to boundary signs approximately 1.0 km upstream (Falls Road 
Gravel Pit and the southernmost end of Collins Farm /Arrow Vale Campground on 
Hector Road).

"  Stamp River from June 15th to November 15th form boundary signs located 
approximately 500 meters downstream of the Stamp River Falls to boundary signs 
located approximately 200 m upstream (above) the Stamp River Falls fishway.

"  Stamp River from August 25th to October 31st from boundary signs on either 
side of the Stamp River located at the inlet to the Stamp River (hatchery) 
lagoon continuing downstream approximately 750 meters to the cable car crossing.

"  Stamp River October 1st to October 14th from boundary signs on either side 
of the Stamp River at the power line crossing downstream approximately 500 
meters to boundary signs on either side of the Stamp River at the inlet to the 
Stamp River (hatchery) lagoon.

Anglers shall also note: 

"  Tidal portions of the Somass River are closed July 24th to September 30th
"  Somass River Bait ban in effect June 1 to August 24.
"  Stamp River closed yearly from Jan 1 to April 30 from the confluence of the 
Ash River upstream to Great Central Lake Dam.
"  Stamp River Bait Ban in effect all year upstream of signs located at Girl 
Guide Falls approximately 250 metres upstream of the Beaver Creek and Stamp 
River confluence.
"  The use of a single barbless hook is mandatory in all streams within Region 
"  All fish foul hooked (i.e. hooked other than in the mouth) must be returned 
to the river immediately;
"  Please note the above restrictions are in addition to any other closed area 
already in place by regulation. 
"  Any chinook salmon retained measuring in excess of 50 cm must be recorded on 
your Non-Tidal Angling Licence. 


Contact the nearest Fisheries and Oceans Canada office at or visit our website 

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0865
Sent August 17, 2016 at 0847