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COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Razor
FN1384-RECREATIONAL - Weathervane Scallops - North Coast - Area 1 - Opening

Subarea 1-5 ("North Beach") is open effective immediately to the recreational 
and aboriginal harvest of weathervane scallops.  Recent samples from the marine 
biotoxin monitoring program for this Subarea have been acceptable.  This 
opening will continue pending on-going sample submissions for the biotoxin 
monitoring program and acceptable biotoxin results.  

Recreational harvesters must be in possession of a valid BC Tidal Waters Sport 
Fishing Licence to harvest bivalve shellfish.  The possession limit for cockles 
in Subarea 1-5 is 100 cockles per day with a total possession limit of 200; the 
possession limit for weathervane scallops is also 100 per day with a total 
possession limit of 200; the recreational harvest of razor clams is restricted 
to a daily limit of 50 clams and a total possession limit of 100 clams.    

Bivalve shellfish are susceptible to Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) and 
other marine biotoxins and sudden closures may occur.  All bivalve shellfish 
harvesters must check before they harvest to ensure that the area is not closed 
due to elevated biotoxin levels.

For information on the location of current marine biotoxin closures:
-call toll-free:  1-866-431-3474
-consult the Shellfish Contamination Closures page on the DFO website at:
-check with your nearest DFO office

Variation Order Nos. 2015-552 has been revoked;

Variation Order Nos.  2015-608 and 2015-609 are in effect


Steven Groves - 250.627.3455

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1384
Sent December 31, 2015 at 1313