Fishery Notice

ABORIGINAL - General Information
FN1379-ABORIGINAL - Invertebrates - Manila Clams - Area 7 - Heiltsuk Commercial Clam - Closure

Effective immediately, Pacific Fisheries Management Subarea 7-15 is closed to 
all harvesting of bivalve shellfish.  This closure is due to a lapse in sample 
submissions for the marine biotoxin monitoring program.

The Heiltsuk commercial intertidal clam fishery is continuing in other portions 
of Area 7.  Please contact Steven Groves or the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource 
Management Division for more information. 

Fish harvesters are advised that there are contaminated closures in the 
vicinity. Information on specific closure areas is available on the internet 

Fish harvesters are also reminded to check for the most recent information 
regarding any biotoxin closures in the area by calling the toll-free 
information number at 1-866-431-3474.


Steven Groves - (250) 627-3455

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1379
Sent December 24, 2015 at 1140