Fishery Notice

COMMERCIAL - Groundfish Trawl
FN0746- Correction to FN-0739 Approval of the Use Offshore Pacific Hake for Reduction Purposes

The groundfish trawl industry is hereby advised that the Minister of Fisheries 
and Oceans, for the 2015 fishing season only, has agreed to the exemption of 
Offshore Pacific hake (Merluccius productus) caught in Pacific Fishery 
Management Areas 121, 123, 124, 125, and 126 from Section 31 of the Fisheries 
Act.  This allows Offshore Pacific hake caught within the described areas to be 
utilized for reduction purposes such as the production of fish meal. 

A total of 54,928 metric tonnes Offshore of Pacific hake will be available for 
reduction purposes. The fishery for reduction purposes will close when the 
54,928 metric tonnes of Offshore Pacific hake has been landed.
DFO is permitting the use of offshore Pacific Hake for reduction purposes as an 
exceptional measure intended to provide interim support over a one year 
transition period for the hake industry to adjust and diversify, such that the 
industry will be better positioned to adapt to current and future market 

All fishing for offshore hake, regardless of whether it is delivered for 
reduction or other processing, will be accounted for within the offshore 
Pacific hake TAC to ensure a sustainable fishery. The fishery for reduction 
purposes is subject to all current monitoring rules and requirements governing 
the groundfish trawl fishery. This includes 100% at-sea and 100% dockside 
monitoring and sorting of all catch.

The hake industry has agreed to work cooperatively and coordinate deliveries in 
a manner that is fair and equitable to the fleet while also coordinated with 
other groundfish fishery activities.  Any groundfish trawl vessel wishing to 
participate in the hake fishery for reduction purposes must register with the 
Hake Consortium of BC and provide the following information:
Vessel Name:____________________________________________
Vessel contact number:______________________________
Vessel Owner:____________________________________________
Vessel Owner contact information: 
cell: _______________ phone:_______________ e-mail:____________________________

Vessel Skipper:___________________________________________
Vessel Skipper contact information: 
cell: _______________ phone:______________ e-mail:____________________________
This information will be used by the reduction fishery industry fleet managers 
to coordinate landings for onshore processing and delivery to West Coast 
Reduction in Vancouver.  The information should be e-mailed as soon as possible 
     Hake Consortium of BC
     c/o  Jaymee Syjuico
          Canadian Fishing Company

Once received, the information will be forwarded to the hake reduction fishery 
fleet managers who will contact the vessel to discuss program participation.
Two reduction fishery fleet managers have been identified; Dave Dawson (604 926-
0449) and Theresa Williams (250 478-9312). For further information or details 
about this reduction program, harvesters can contact these fleet managers.

DFO contacts are either Barry Ackerman at 604-666-3991 or Neil Davis 604 666-

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0746
Sent July 24, 2015 at 1552