Fishery Notice

FN0744-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Region 2 - Fraser and Harrison Rivers - Fraser sockeye retention - August 6, 2014

The current status of the Fraser River sockeye salmon return provides for 
recreational sockeye retention opportunities in Region 2 (Fraser and Harrison 

Effective once hour before sunrise Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 until further 
notice, in the following waters, the daily limit for recreationally caught 
sockeye is two (2) per day:

- Fraser River waters in Region 2(non-tidal Fraser River); and
- that portion of the Harrison River downstream of the Highway 7 Bridge to the 
confluence with the Fraser River.

Anglers are reminded that fishing is allowed during daylight hours only. 
Daylight hours only refers to one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset 
as calculated by the National Research Council of Canada and published daily in 
the Vancouver Sun and Province.

VO No. 2014-354


Barbless hooks are required when fishing for salmon in tidal and non-tidal 
waters of British Columbia.  

Anglers are requested to release any hatchery marked sockeye.  These fish are 
hatchery raised sockeye and part of a recovery program designed to increase the 
numbers of Cultus Lake sockeye.

The term "hatchery marked" means a fish that has a healed scar in place of the 
adipose fin.

Sport anglers are encouraged to participate in the Salmon Sport Head Recovery 
program by labelling and submitting heads from adipose fin-clipped chinook and 
coho salmon.  Recovery of coded-wire tags provides critical information for 
coast-wide stock assessment.  Contact the Salmon Sport Head Recovery Program 
toll free at (866) 483-9994 for further information.

Tidal Water Sport Fishing Licences can be purchased via any computer connected 
to the internet at 
or by using Google search key words "Recfish Licence".

Did you witness suspicious fishing activity or a violation?  If so, please call 
the Fisheries and Ocean Canada 24-hour toll free Observe, Record, Report line 
at (800) 465-4336.

For the 24 hour recorded opening and closure line, call toll free at 1-(866)431-
FISH (3474).

Contact the local DFO office in your area for updated information as it becomes 

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0744
Sent August 1, 2014 at 1607