Fishery Notices - Search by Keywords

This keyword search page allows you to search for distinct words which may be found in the body of a fishery notice (e.g., sockeye AND closure). You can restrict your search to specific fisheries by selecting them in the box provided below (leave blank to search all).

Please note:

Opening and closing brackets "()" will be removed from all entered keywords if found.

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Information: Search tips

  • Instead of "Salmon", try searching by species common names: Sockeye, Coho, Pink, Chum or Chinook. Not all Notices contain the word Salmon in the notice text; they may just refer to the species.
  • If you know the Fishery Notice Number, you may enter it as a keyword (e.g., FN0555).
  • Punctuation is not required; the program will search for every character you type - including spaces.
  • You may type several words together in one box, separated by spaces (e.g., Strait of Georgia).