Fishery Notice

FN0659-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Chinook, Coho & Pink - Skeena River - Region 6 - Opening July 15, 2017

Effective 00:01 hours July 15, 2017, recreational fishing opens for Skeena 
River chinook, coho and pink salmon. Recreational fishing for sockeye and chum 
salmon will remain closed in the entire Skeena River watershed (includes 
tributaries and lakes).

Additional management measures are in place for Skeena chinook, as follows:
1. The maximum daily quota for Skeena chinook will be reduced to two chinook 
salmon, only one of which can be over 65 cm, in the entire Skeena River 
2. The Skeena River mainstem, upstream of the Sustut River and at the Kitwanga 
and Kispiox River mouths, will be closed to chinook fishing. 
3. All tributaries and lakes of the Skeena River will be closed to chinook 
fishing, except for sections of the Babine, Bulkley, Kitsumkalum, Morice and 
Sustut Rivers. 
4. The entire Skeena River watershed will be closed to chinook fishing on 
August 15, 2017, to protect spawning chinook stocks.

Refer to the online BC Sport Fishing Guide, Freshwater Region 6, for a complete 
list of Skeena River recreational salmon regulations.


John Webb
Recreational Fisheries Manager
Fisheries & Oceans Canada
417 - 2nd Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1G8
250 627-3409
Or the local Fisheries & Oceans Canada office

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0659
Sent July 14, 2017 at 1314